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To: Rep. Peter C. Schwartzkopf - House Democrats & Delaware Governor John Carney

United Diaspora To Keep Commissioner Wale Adelagunja - DACAC

This is in reference to the letter you received from a few individual members of Delaware African Carribean Affairs Commision (DACAC) to remove Commissioner Wale from participating as a leader of the community. Please be advised that this is an effort to unjustly remove Wale for another Commissioners personal gain.

Why is this important?

1. Diversity of thought leadership is needed for the progress of our communities.
2. Commissioner Wale has been very resourceful to the community and his contribution towards the growth in DE & beyond is needed.
3. This violates the vision and mission of DACAC and is against the culture that the African Diaspora is trying to promote in a united front.
4. Bullying tactics will not be tolerated in the State of Delaware.
5. The community was not aware and was not notified about the attempts of his removal.
6. Commissioner Wale was one of the original founders in the attempt to unite and build the people.


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