About Us

Welcome to Color Of Change's member-led campaign platform: OrganizeFor! With more than 1.2 millions members nationwide, Color Of Change is the nation's largest online civil rights organization committed to leveraging the power of our members' voices to hold corporations and institutions accountable to the concerns of Black Americans. By amplifying the political voice of the Black community, we aim to create a more just society for all people. The OrganizeFor platform is a way for our members to access the tools and resources they need to lead change on issues that further our goals and increase our impact.

What can I run a campaign on?

What issues matters most to you? Is there an opportunity to make positive change on an systemic issue affecting the Black community? Is there a chance to stop efforts to further marginalize our community? Will your campaign bring us closer to a more just and equal society for Black folks and others?

Your campaign can be on a national or highly local issue. You may target Congress or your local school board, as long as they have the power to create the change you want to see. A clear goal and strong strategy are key for the right campaigns.

What can't I campaign on?

Campaigns must revolve around issues impacting Black people and strive to strengthen Black political power. We are not alone, and when we work to protect Black lives and interests, we do the same for all who have been left behind in political silence.

Of course, any campaign that is defamatory, discriminatory, promotes violence, bullying, or exclusion, will not be tolerated. We reserve the right to use our judgment and take something down if it crosses a line of common decency, so please take responsibility for your campaign.

Why take action?

Our collective voices are powerful enough to create the change we want to see. Everyday, corporations, institutions, and the government make decisions that harm our community, and everyday, people raise their voices to end discrimination and inequality — with real results. We must do everything we can to ensure that sure all Americans are represented, served, and protected — regardless of race or class.

How do you decide which campaigns go on the homepage?

A number of factors contribute to what campaigns are highlighted on the homepage. These include campaigns that are on the edge of winning, campaigns that have shown rapid growth, and campaigns that are particularly timely.

Who controls information entered on the site?

While you are able to email your supporters through the website, privacy laws prevent us from sharing your supporters' email addresses with you. The data collected on and through the site will remain our property.

You can access all of these features from your OrganizeFor account!

This is a tool that allows anyone, anywhere to take a campaign from start to finish.

Additional questions?

Please email [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible.