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To: Mayor Carlos Gimenez

Let Miami Vote!

We, the undersigned, on behalf of the 127,000 petitioners supporting accountable and transparent elections, demand that you direct the Supervisor of Elections to immediately begin counting the petitions that were delivered on August 2, 2016.

Why is this important?

Like you, we believe that the PEOPLE should run Miami, and not the lobbyists and billionaires.

Last week New Florida Majority and partners turned in over 127,000 petitions so that we can put balance in the system and get BIG money out of politics on this November ballot-77,000 more than what was needed. But inaction by the mayor and county commission is standing in the way of the will of the people!

Our communities often don’t exercise their rights because they often feel the political process is rigged, corrupt or not in their interest. Inaction by the mayor and county commission is a prime example of the ways in which the voices of voters, the very people who elected the mayor and commissioners into office, continue to be ignored.

This is a fundamental issue of democratic rights in Miami-Dade, and the voices of 127,000 voters deserve to be heard. All the rules regarding petition circulation and delivery were followed, and now it is time for the Elections Department to fulfill its duty to count and verify the petitions.

Mayor Carlos Gimenez cannot ignore the voices of 127,000 people and deny the right to free and fair elections to Miami-Dade's residents.

If we're going to win, we will need people like you to take a stand. Sign and share our petition!

Miami, FL, United States

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