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To: Oakland City Council and Mayor Schaaf

Tell Oakland City Council: Put Police Accountability Measure on Ballot

We urge you to hold police accountable and promote fair and equitable policing by putting the measure to establish an independent community-based Police Commission on the 2016 ballot.

Why is this important?

For the past thirteen years, Oakland tax payers have spent OVER $30 MILLION on Federal oversight of the Police Department because rogue police officers profiled, harassed, abused, and planted drugs on hundreds of Black people in our city.

When people experience this kind of police violence, trust is broken. And without that trust, community members are unlikely to report crimes or work with police to apprehend suspects, compromising the safety of everyone.

That's why a coalition of organizations is working to pass a measure that will create a community-based Police Commission with the power to discipline officers and hold them accountable to ALL communities.

This kind of community oversight will lead to more trust, more fair and equitable treatment, and greater police responsiveness to the community.

We need the City Council to place this police accountability measure on the 2016 ballot by July.

That's why we need massive public support to convince the City Council to do the right thing and help make policing fair and equitable for all of Oakland.
Oakland, CA, United States

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