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To: Vice President Pence

Seize the Masks-- Save Our Nurses & CNA's!

Force the VicePresident Pence to take control of mask supplies in this country NOW, seizing the 280 million masks set to be exported to other countries, or women of color are the ones who will die.

Why is this important?

Our frontline healthcare providers will within weeks be forced to choose between saving their own lives and doing their jobs, because of the government's failure to prepare for this pandemic by buying enough equipment--especially masks. The vast majority of these jobs are held by women, people of color, or recent immigrants. I know I am not the only mother who cannot sleep nights worrying about a loved one who is a health care worker. In my home city of new Haven, our first Covid-19 casualty was of course a Black man who worked at a health care facility serving the community. As a result of the bans on essential travel, I do not know when I will again see my own daughter, who is putting herself through nursing school while caring for patients in Boston. I pray she will not save others only to end up sick herself.


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That's what I'm talking about... except without the mask.

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