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To: Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro District Attorney Stephen Zappala

#EndWarOnYouth: Justice for Woodland Hills Students

1. Drop the charges against young Que'Chwan Wade
2. Launch investigation against the Woodland Hills School District
3. Fire and charge Woodland Hills High Principal Kevin Murray
4. Fire and charge school police officer Steve Shaulis
5. Zappala allow Independent Investigation by State Attorney General

Why is this important?

On Monday, April 3, 2017, Que'Chawn Wade, 14, was violently assaulted by Churchill police officer Steve Shaulis at Woodland Hills High School. Officer Shaulis publicly used derogatory slurs, put him in a chokehold, body slammed, and repeatedly punched Que'Chawn in the head, causing him to lose two teeth and sustain bruises and multiple lacerations to his face and neck. Instead of firing, arresting, and charging police officer Shaulis, the Churchill Police Department arrested and charged Que'Chawn.

The Woodland Hills School District is notorious for police violence, child abuse, and for the criminalization of Black youth. In November of 2016, a student released a tape of Principal of Woodland Hills High School Kevin Murray threatening to punch him in the face. Principal Murray was allowed to return to the school as Principal in January 2017, just a few months before Que’Chawn was assaulted under his watch. But the student who taped the principal faces wiretapping charges. In 2015, a student was brutally assaulted and tased by Officer Shaulis while being held down by Principal Murray.

We are clear that there is a war on Black youth. From the #AssaultAtSpringValley to the #AssaultAtWoodlandHills, school police, and the schools’ and districts’ compliance, reign terror on Black students. Without any justice for Que'Chawn, the Woodland School District, Allegheny County, and the state of Pennsylvania are sending a message to children and families, that we are disposable. Our families know police do not belong in schools. Hold police officer Steve Shaulis and Principal Kevin Murray accountable. End the war on youth.


2017-07-01 05:52:17 -0700

GREAT NEWS! CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU!! The principal has been put on unpaid leave

Look out for an upcoming call to action to the Secretary of the Board of Education. We need to let them know what the people want!

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