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To: Governor Phil Murphy, State of New Jersey

Diverse Appointments to the NJ Police Training Commission

Diverse Appointments to the NJ Police Training Commission

Immediately appoint at least two African American NJ State residents to the Police Training Commission (PTC) for a full term each.

Why is this important?

The violence black people experience at the hands of police, and the racial disparity in incarceration rates in NJ is cruel, intolerably high, and must end. Inclusion of African Americans on the PTC allows representation for the most adversely affected community to help shape Police training and policy statewide. It provides African Americans with influence over creating and implementing changes to end systemic racism in policing, which leads to violence, including death, and over representation in prison and jail populations.

New Jersey, USA

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Reasons for signing

  • I signed the petition because of my children and grandchildren. I have a fear that one day they may innocently be affected by the injustices of this society if our voices are not heard
  • We all have to come together as one and help each other out, bring each other up &by us coming ❤ together we will make it happen. ❤❤
  • We as people of color deserve our day. We deserve peace, we deserve prosperity, we deserve safety , we deserve peace of mind , we deserve equal treatment, we deserve compassion, we deserve justice , we deserve a world to not feel threaten or fearful , we deserve to not be robbed continously of our rights and heritage, we deserve the end of planned oppression,we deserve to thrive and and end racial inequality.


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