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To: Sheriff Mike Williams, Mayor Lenny Curry, Tommy Hazouri, Matt Carlucci

Reallocate JSO's Budget to the Community

Reallocate JSO's Budget to the Community

We are demanding Mayor Lenny Curry, Incoming City Council President Tommy Hazouri,and Incoming City Council Finance Committee Chair Matt Carlucci defund the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office (JSO). We demand they cut the budget of JSO down to 20% of the budget and reinvest the rest money into the community, creating comprehensive mental health first responders, repairing infrastructure, and improving schools. Additionally, we demand community control of the police by creating a Police Accountability Council controlled by citizens to create transparency and accountability within police investigations.

Why is this important?

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office currently has 40% of Jacksonville's budget and yet only 31.5% of homicides are solved. We demand a people's budget to create a more equitable allocation of funds. For these reasons as well as transparency, and accountability we are demanding community control of the police, complete transparency and full accountability in investigations. This means immediate release of body cam footage and jailing killer cops.

Jacksonville, FL, USA

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Reasons for signing

  • They got too much money
  • Great cause and the Green Party of Duval County is behind you 110%
  • Because a Change Must Come. JSO/LEO have too much burden and some issues can be shared with the community. When workers are overly stressed, and under paid the begin to Stop Caring (LEO). Systematic Racism must Stop, and here is an Avenue to make that Change. For the Justice of All men and women regardless of race.


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