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To: Rob Walton, Chairman of the Walmart Board

Walmart Associates deserve $15/hour and a full time schedule

Walmart Associates deserve $15/hour and a full time schedule

Dear Mr Rob Walton and Members of the Walmart Board,

As you gather in Arkansas for the annual shareholders meeting, we believe that the board should commit to paying at least $15 an hour and a full-time schedule for every associate that wants one.
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Why is this important?

As the largest private employer of Black people in the country, Walmart has the opportunity to greatly improve the lives of millions of Black people. Following actions across the country from brave associates, Walmart announced earlier this year that it was raising wages to $9/hour. That was a tremendous first step but doesn't go nearly far enough.

For one of the most profitable companies in the world, working at Walmart is harder than it should be. Even with the raise, too many of my coworkers are on medicaid and food stamps. The schedule changes make it hard to raise a stable family. Some of my fellow associates even experience homelessness while working.

A full time schedule and $15/hour for Walmart associates is what we need to make working at Walmart a little easier. It will allow us to take time off to attend to sick family members, purchase groceries, and cover increasingly skyrocketing housing and healthcare costs. Walmart has the means to make that a reality.

And this is important not just for Walmart workers but for hourly workers in every sector. After Walmart raised wages earlier this year several other large employers followed suit. When Walmart makes changes for the better, everyone benefits.

I'm a member of OUR Walmart because I know when we stand together and demand change, we can all live better. That's why I'm traveling this week from my store near Tacoma, Washington to Walmart Headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas to tell the Board of Directors that associates deserve better. I hope you'll join me by signing this petition demanding the Walmart Board announce $15 an hour wages and full time schedules.

-Mary Watkines, OUR Walmart

Bentonville, AR, United States

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Reasons for signing

  • I signed because we work to hard to get paid so little. There have people that been at the company for 10 years or more and are only getting paid twelve dollars or less. And that isn’t fair for when new people come in and they get less as well. Most people that are getting hours that don’t work where people like me get less hours and less pay for the hard work we do.
  • I work for Walmart 17 yrs and I don't even make $15.00 and I head of household and it's not easy when everything is going up except your pay
  • i work at walmart and its not an easy job like one might assume. and ive been forced to apply for calfresh (food stamps in ca)which only gives me...are you ready?...$4.00/mo!!


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