Successful Campaigns

Successful Campaigns
  • 8,350 Signatures
    Created by Afrikan Black Coalition Picture
  • Because I Overcame Homelessness, They Denied Me A Scholarship. Help Me Appeal.
    Congratulations! Zaviona Woodruff was granted a full ride to Oakland U! Because of community support like yours, she was able to make her college dreams come true. Thank you, Color Of Change
    335 Signatures
    Created by Zaviona Woodruff
  • No voter suppression-don't make people vote in police stations!
    Lonnie Brigham, Jr. presented our petition, as reported in the Janesville Gazette and the council was able to see that this is an issue that matters to a lot of people. They are going to find other room in City Hall instead of moving the polling place to the police department. Thank you to everyone who signed and commented--you have helped keep voting accessible for everyone! Becky Beach
    1,168 Signatures
    Created by Rebecca Beach