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To: House Leadership

Sign now: We #StandWithIlhan

Sign now: We #StandWithIlhan

UPDATE: Now, Democratic leaders are giving into pressure from the right and pushing a resolution to condemn Representative Omar. Sign the petition if you reject this targeting of our only Black Muslim congresswoman. We #StandWithIlhan!

Ilhan Omar is our nation’s first Black Muslim congresswoman--and she’s being viciously targeted by Donald Trump and the Republican Party for discussing the impact of corporate money on our electoral system.

Sign to show that #WeStandWithIlhan.

Last week, Republican Representative Kevin McCarthy, who infamously accused Jewish Democrats of trying to “buy” the 2018 midterm elections, attacked two Muslim congresswomen for speaking out against the Israeli occupation of Palestine. In response, Representative Omar pointed out that McCarthy and other politicians receive money from pro-Israel groups, and that's why he was targeting her--unintentionally evoking an anti-Semitic trope, for which she immediately apologized.

Sign the card: #WeStandWithIlhan.

The truth is that Kevin McCarthy and Republicans like him are trying to disqualify Ilhan Omar and other bold, progressive voices by creating media hysteria despite their party’s own long and present history of antisemitism, racism, and homophobia. We’re in a pivotal moment where elected officials and everyday Americans with shared values of justice and equity are using their powerful voices to say enough is enough--no more racism and no more corporate influences in politics! We need to continue to support the elected officials that are risking their livelihoods to stand up for justice.

Why is this important?

We need to continue to support the elected officials that are risking their livelihoods to stand up for justice.


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  • It''s not anti Semitic to criticize the influence that lobbying has on unconditional support for Israel in spite of their violations of Palestinian human rights and the theft and occupation of their land. This knee jerk response to always protect and fund Israel even in the face of UN reports of their violation of International laws is wrong and self serving.


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