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Oklahoma State Senators: Reject SB 13, which would make it illegal to wear hooded-clothing in public places.

Why is this important?

SB 13 is problematic for several reasons:

1) It further criminalizes Black youth by targeting what they wear

2) It intensifies a culture of hostility between law enforcement and Black communities, whereby Black folks are disproportionately targeted, harmed, and killed by police violence

3) It curtails constitutionally-protected free expression rights

4) Lastly, it doesn't include political protest as one of its exceptions

At Million Hoodies, we use hoodies strategically for protest around the country. This #HoodieBanBill would not only make it more difficult for us to carry out such protests in the future, but it also reinforces a culture of hostility and discrimination by unjustly targeting harmless fashions associated with Black folks.

Join us in demanding that the Oklahoma Senate reject this harmful and unjust #HoodieBanBill!

Oklahoma, United States

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Reasons for signing

  • Completely ridiculous - not to mention unconstitutional! And we all KNOW who would be targetted - it wouldn't be old white women like me - even though I wear hoodies all the time in the winter!
  • I wear hoodies all the time as a senior. It is a style, not a target for cops or anyone else!
  • because it is WRONG!


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