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To: Borough of North Arlington

Removal of North Arlington's Christopher Columbus Statue

Removal of North Arlington's Christopher Columbus Statue

Take down the statue of Christopher Columbus on River Road.

Why is this important?

In the midst of great societal change, we as a community, are beginning to recognize the faults surrounding complacency alongside social and racial injustices. As we begin to open our eyes to the dark origins of white supremacy and minority oppression in America, it is important that we identify the catalysts behind this great suffering. Christopher Columbus represents genocide, slavery, and the destruction of the minority populace. We no longer honor these principles and as a community, wish to remove this symbol of injustice!

North Arlington, NJ, USA

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Reasons for signing

  • I signed because this represents a false image of the history of America not matter how nice teacher in school try to make it sound
  • We shouldn't be honoring rapists, mass murders and/or thieves by having statues of them in public. They should reserve things like that for museums so as the truth becomes more widespread we can place a face with the disgrace.
  • It needs to be taken down


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