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To: US DOJ and Daphne Totten

Demand: DA Daphne Totten Release the Tape, US DOJ Investigation, Re-presentment to a New Grand Jury

1. Release video now!
2. Federal investigation now!
3. The DA must zealously prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. Re-present to a new grand jury!

Why is this important?

On June 28, 2021, a 22-person Screven County Grand Jury decided not to indict former Georgia State Trooper, Jacob Gordon Thompson, 27, in the August 7, 2020 shooting death of unarmed motorist, Julian Lewis, 60.

After conducting its own independent investigation, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation determined that Thompson’s shooting of Lewis was not legally justified and charged him with murder. Thereafter, on September 28, 2020, Chief Superior Court Judge Gates Peed Shortly conducted a preliminary hearing and concurred with the GBI’s conclusion that there was sufficient evidence to charge Thompson with the murder of Julian Lewis. Crucial to the GBI’s conclusion that Thompson should face murder charges was its finding that Thompson’s purported justification for shooting Lewis, that Lewis was attempting to strike him with a motor vehicle, was false, as expert testing of Lewis’ vehicle determined that it was inoperable and incapable of causing harm to Thompson.

“Notably, during the subsequent preliminary hearing, the lead GBI Agent also testified that Thompson could not have feared harm from Lewis’ inoperable vehicle as only one second in time elapsed from when Thompson took his foot off the brake of his patrol car, emerged from his vehicle, unholstered his weapon, pointed it at Lewis, and fired, fatally striking the unarmed Lewis in the forehead. Today, however, when presented with the same evidence previously considered by the GBI and Judge Peed, a Screven County Grand Jury chose not to indict Thompson on any charges,” said Attorney Francys Johnson.

"I am shocked and in disbelief. What the Grand Jury did today was worse than what Jacob Gordon Thompson did when he shot my father in the head. It was murder when Thompson killed my father. But what this District Attorney and Grand Jury have killed is any belief Black people can have in this Justice System" said Brook Bacon, son of Julian Lewis.

“This grand jury determined that the GBI was wrong and a superior court judge was wrong in finding that there was no probable cause to indict Thompson. This is why so many people have no faith in the criminal justice system when it comes to justice for Black people in this State and across the country. It is heartbreaking for this family, but not a surprise to us,“ Attorney Mawuli Davis.


Release Video Evidence to the Public
US DOJ Investigation
Re-present Case to a New Grand Jury
The family of Julian Lewis is represented by attorneys Mawuli Davis and Francys Johnson of Davis Bozeman Johnson Law and supported by A Just Georgia Coalition.

To watch recorded livestream of Julian Lewis teach-in and learn more about the case and his life, please visit



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