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To: Congress and the Trump administration

Protect Bahamas Hurricane Survivors - They Have No Home to Return to

The survivors of Hurricane Dorian in the Grand Bahama and Abaco Islands are facing devastation. They have lost loved ones and homes, and still have nowhere to go. Many are trying to come to the United States where they have relatives, friends, and communities ready to host and help them. But the Trump administration has closed the doors on our sisters and brothers in need by saying they are "bad people" or asking for visas they didn't need before.

Our country must do better. Add your name urging the Administration and Congress to make expedited visas, waivers, TPS, and/or whatever other measures may be necessary to ensure the safety of all the people living in the Bahamas as they and their country face the enormous challenge of recovering from Dorian.

Why is this important?

The road to recovery in Bahamas is just starting and will take long. With on-going exposure to the elements and contamination from chemicals, dead livestock, and more than half of the houses on the islands destroyed, temporary relocation is a key element of the humanitarian response.

In times of overwhelming catastrophe, the United States has historically given protected status (TPS) to people who cannot return safely to their homes. This can be one of those times.

Sen. Rubio and Gov. Rick Scott have called on Trump to waive the restrictions. Rep. Maxine Waters has called for action, and Reps Yvette Clark, Stacey Plaskett, and Barbara Lee joined by dozens of co-sponsors have presented a bill in the House of Representatives urging Temporary Protected Status in the House.

This petition will be delivered to Members of Congress and the Trump administration by New Florida Majority, the Florida Immigrant Coalition, Making the Homeless Smile and the Family Action Network Movement.



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