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To: Esmond K. Scott, City Manager of North Miami Beach

MIAMI We Demand Community Healing for Pregnant Black Mother Attacked by Cop.

MIAMI We Demand Community Healing for Pregnant Black Mother Attacked by Cop.

Evoni Murray, a Florida pregnant mother, was kicked in her stomach by North Miami officer, Ambar Pacheco last week on August 1st.

We demand North Miami Beach address this act of violence against a Black woman through restoration and healing, with systemic trainings addressing anti-Blackness and misogyny.

It is intolerable to see this Black women like Ms. Murray, being kicked by police when they are pregnant. Officer Pacheco reportedly “..saw red and beat the ---- out of (Murray).”

Although North Miami Beach police has fired Ambar Pacheco for kicking a Black woman who was pregnant. Firing the officer isn’t enough, we need to actively care for Black women! There can’t be any question our society with police attacking pregnant Black women has also been neglecting their needs.

Why is this important?

The City Manager of North Miami Beach, Esmond K. Scott, prides himself on his advocacy for citizens and ethics. The assault of a pregnant woman by a member of the police force should be an incident that requires self-reflection from any ethical person. Ambar Pacheco’s dismissal should simply be the first step in restoring the community. By agreeing to accept a greater responsibility to the people of North Miami Beach, as interim City Manager, Mr. Scott can serve as a model for what a public servant dedicated to really addressing the effects of systemic racism.

Black people living in and visiting North Miami Beach have a right to peace of mind. It should be unthinkable for anyone to attack a Black woman, it is beyond the pale that a police officer attacked a pregnant Black woman. The dismissal of Ambar Pacheco is only one step but the city of North Miami Beach must take active steps to combat the anti-Blackness and misogyny that saw someone who was on the payroll as a public servant feel justified in attacking a pregnant Black woman.

Black woman across the country are more likely to die due to childbirth. We have to hold our country responsible for how we treat Black women and that starts with demanding more than the bare minimum when a police officer kicks a pregnant Black women in the face. North Miami Beach must do more than issue an apology and a dismissal.

Miami, FL, USA

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Reasons for signing

  • Police Brutality has got to stop.
  • It could have been ME ......Im a black woman...
  • Although the Officer was dismissed, this should serve as a reminder to others that this type of behavior would not be tolerated.


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