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To: All, Especially Fossil Fuel Industries, Addicts and Financiers

Lower Climate Carbon Levels Now to Reduce/End/Reverse Climate Heating Baking Drowning on Earth

Lower Climate Carbon Levels Now to Reduce/End/Reverse Climate Heating Baking Drowning on Earth

Lower Climate Carbon Levels to Minimize, End, Reverse Our 6th Extinction/Anthropocene/Climate911
* Leave the dinosaurs in the ground now to stop causing hell on earth....
* Redefine our word, "eco+nomic" as more than mechanical rates of private cashflow floods that crush life on earth.... Count more than mechanical rates of private cash bank accounts to value the invaluable but uncountable flows, cycles, positive productivity of life's values enough to grow positive outcomes impossible to count in cash.... to leave the dinosaurs in the stop causing hell on earth....
* Harvest free & infinite Renewable Energy, Efficiency/Waste Harvesting, Storage, Smarter Greener Cities, Grids, Populations lifting life up instead of crushing life........ to slash operating costs...such as future public health disasters.... of any system, cell or self or nation or globe and to produce free & infinite positive productivity and outcomes to fill in hungry voids, to lift all up to light now & generations from now....100% RE 100% doable by 2030 (IRENA 2016) 2050 ( 2015)...if the fossil fuel industry would help or get out of the way.
* Convert impermeable sprawl,, dying heat islands, hell.... green, absorbent, cooling, comforting, nurturing photosynthetic watersheds, native vegetation of deep roots and tall arms to cultivate our dying soils and water/air systems to be healthy and fruitful again, activate dying light cycles, dying energy cycles, dying air cycles, dying water cycles, dying life cycles on earth, whole earth systems of flows & cycles balancing moral laws of reciprocity, balancing hearth's fragile sensitivity with inalienable flows and cycles indivisible enough to maintain "homeostasis" as a living system, a critical system now in ICU..... enough to grow heaven on earth instead: Every living cell, seed, seedling, soil, self, whole living system wants to reach up toward light of our sun enough to produce 1) abundant riches to count and also to produce 2) critical but uncountable, comforting flows, cycles, hidden genetic potentials, genius, positive productivity to nurture us, to fill in hungry voids & lift all up to light now and generations from convert deadly climate carbons to helpful, healing living carbons of wood, green leaves, rich, organic topsoil, living carbons absorbing earth's healing flows of light, energy, air cycles/climate/airsheds/o2 to breathe, water cycles/oceans/watersheds/h2o to activate exponential conversion of financial liabilities/costs of dead climate carbon causing hell....into living carbons, wood, green, topsoil growing heaven on earth instead..... to boost rates of absorption and conversion to living, productive, nurturing, healing systems end our Extinction of living systems sooner than we could imagine...
* Just End the Lies....the deadly, Biblical Lies manufactured by a cash-driven fossil fuel industry to keep America addicted to deadly fossil fuels, block critical public flows of critical public information and critical public resources to America to prevent Climate911.....deadly costly lies that deny climate science and blame my god erroneously for the Armageddon/Rapture caused by fossil fuel fools for 150 years....
* Let nature do the work: Artificial mechanical human cash systems and cities crack and crumble through time up too close.......but nature's amazing wonders grow in value through time far from the obvious....So perhaps we can reach far beyond the obvious to learn to nurture nature's genius so that nature can nurture & comfort us.....obvious to one self or not....counted in mechanical rates of cash or not...

Why is this important?

Climate heating, baking, drowning caused by skyrocketing climate carbons of fossil fuel emissions (combustion) are causing our 6th Extinction now....but we have a rare opportunity to change the course of stop causing hell on earth....and to grow heaven on earth instead if we act now....if we can count more than private rates of cash and value the invaluable uncountable flows of light, energy, air, water, topsoil, green productivity also....and act now to do good, to grow good, positive outcomes: Every living cell, seed, seedling, soil, self wants to reach up toward light of our sun to grow positives, to lift life up to light, to grow heaven, laughter, vision, wisdom on earth instead....

So let's garden....and harvest free flows, blessings to lift us up.

Reasons for signing

  • The people hit hardest by climate change will be poor people, who are overwhelmingly people of color. Especially Latinx, African-American, and Indigenous communities.
  • I am concerned, everyone should be also.
  • Humans caused the mess. Humans need to clean it up. Send Exxon et al Incorporated the bill.


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