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To: Heartland Middle School

Call for Resignation: RACIST Teacher (Rachel Brainard)

Call for Resignation: RACIST Teacher (Rachel Brainard)

Remove one, Rachel Brainard, from her capacity as a 7th grade science teacher due to violations of policies outlined in the Edmond Public School handbook:
1. “Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying” by means of demeaning comments and taunting or ridiculing
2. “Discrimination” on the basis of race

Why is this important?

Elementary educators are charged with enriching the minds of those at their most impressionable juncture, adolescence. Students and parents invest their trust in the school system, believing in the best outcomes for their children. One teacher betrayed such trust and used her platform to belittle, harass, and directly discriminate against a black male student, Latrell. Latrell was repeatedly berated for wearing his “Black King” shirt by Ms. Brainard who called him racist and insisted that there should be a “white history month”. Latrell’s classroom of peers soon joined his teacher in labeling him a racist and echoing the sentiment of “white history month”.


Reasons for signing

  • This is just sad
  • America in fact celebrates "white history" every day ... and has throughout its history. There was a time when books would be snatched out of the hands of black children. Why is Rachel Brainard so afraid of a confident black young man? When we have that answer will get to the truth of racism, but until then, this woman does not belong in a classroom educating young minds.
  • Because I am an African American woman with two beautiful daughters and it is important that we are all treated equal


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