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Animals In Prisons

Animals In Prisons

All prisons should allow long term and permanent inmates to have a choice of owning an animal (cat or dog) during their time. Allow supplies (pet food, litter, etc) to be paid for with commissary. Sign this petition so our voice can be heard. We can help homeless animals, and brighten people's lives!

Why is this important?

There are people who are in jail for very long periods of time, as well as people who will never see how outside looks a day in their lives. There is also a overpopulation of cats and dogs who have no place to go. By giving long term and permanent inmates with good behavior the choice of having and caring for a pet during their time, we can get animals off the streets, as well as a person to care for and love them. This would benefit the jails, due to these animals being a sense of calmness and love the inmates would not feel so hostile all the time and rates of crime in prison would decrease.

Reasons for signing

  • Allowing inmates to care for animals can serve the inmates, animals and ultimately the community upon reentry into society.
  • LOVE is powerful .................nothing but good benefits can happen from relationships between the inmates and their cats/dogs. LOVE casts out FEAR and brings about HEALING!
  • This is such a great thing to do for the animals and people. Hopefully they can keep and the dog or cat when the people are released.


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